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Hey everyone on this week's episode I talk about how you need to be beating the control in your funnels. Anytime you are running split tests you are always trying to beat your control. I’ll show you how you need to think so you can start beating your control and creating better funnels that produce at an optimal rate. You should always keep trying to beat your control because you can always do better. Ask yourself what can I do to better my funnel so that it will beat my control.

Hey everybody on today's episode I talk about how I treat myself like a million dollar horse. I want you to ask yourself if you had to pay a million dollars for a horse what would you have it do? Wake up early? Exercise? Diet? You need to start treating yourself like that million dollar horse. You need to do the things that you would make that million dollar horse do. You need to invest in yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror and say that you are a million dollar race horse things start to change.

Hey everybody, on this week's episode I talk about how we use SMS technology to increase revenue. What are you doing with SMS technology right now in your company? Today I talk about how we do direct mail to our current customers. Think of the possibilities this allows you to be able to do. I am going to go in depth on what you can do with SMS technology to increase your revenue. There are so many different ways to implement SMS into your company and I want to show you a huge way that we are using it today!
Hey everybody, this week I talk about how to increase your company's income. First, I want you to think of how many ways there is to increase the amount of income that you can attribute to your company? I know that you know that there are a bunch of ways, but today I want to talk to you about how to narrow those ways down to 3 that are the most important to your company's income!
Hey everyone! Today I want to go over some of the lessons I have learned over the years about phones and how important they are. I want to share with you some tips and tricks about how to set up your company's phones and how important it is to do it correctly. Have you ever called a big corporate company and realized how professionally their phones sound? I want to help you achieve that professional sound and not that little business sound you have right now. Having an awesome phone system builds trust with the customer and makes your business look way more professional. 
Hey everyone! In this week's episode we talk about how the producer of "Lost", the television show, had this magic box that he never opened because the possibilities of what could be in that box were endless. If you are just starting your business and do not know what direction to take, you are in the best position. Having a blank and open mind gives you endless possibilities for what you can do with your business. My girlfriend always says, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Think about when you were a kid and how people would always tell you that anything is possible and all you have to do is put your mind to it.
Hey everybody! In this week's episode we talk about what you would do if you had 6 months to live. Would you go buy that car of your dreams? Would you go on vacation to your favorite destination? Would you spend more time with your family? Why are you limiting the things that you do when realistically you want to do more or have more. It takes a long time to think about making a decision, but an instant to make that change. There is no reason to hold yourself back from doing the things you love!
Guys and Gals! Building an online business can be crazy! I know a lot of times I give myself all of these tasks and I never know which one to start or finish! Carl White on our Kommerce Kings Podcast introduced me to an amazing book called, "Simplify Your Life" by Brain Tracy! These few simple ideas changed the way I conquer my day! Get ready to dive into an amazing process that will solve your problem with an unwanted task.
What is one thing you are doing that sets your company apart from the others? One thing we like to do is create personalized, hand-written thank you cards - Super effective and efficient. You want to make sure it is something that is short, to the point, and relatable. Think about the ways businesses reach out to you. Probably just through email or phone call right? Imagine having something in your hand that you can tangibly hold! Listen in to how we are effectively using this strategy to increase our conversions.
How can YOU out WIN the competition? This is probably one of the hardest exercise there is when it comes to satisfying your customers needs! Last week we talked about how calling your customers is so important, but what about the non-buyers? Think about it! These are the people that have seen the product, but said no... How do we turn those "No's" into Yes's"? Let's dive on in!
As internet marketers... I am sure that most of you probably dread calling your customers! But think about all of the potential that is there! Unless you are YOUR attractive character. It is hard to tell what makes or breaks your customers during the deal. This being said, you want to call those customers to see what is being released in their brains!... A lot of people won't reach out to their buyers because they are scared those buyers will cancel! That is the exact opposite of what we have found, they are actually excited to hear from us and showing interest in the conversation!
Look! Think about how you break your day down! I want to show you how I optimize my time throughout the day. The reason being is... I want you to do the same thing with your day! Everyone always says there is not enough time in the day (hell, I feel like that sometimes!). BUT...have you ever thought maybe it is the way you spend your day?
Here is how the riddle goes: You need to make $1,000,000 in a year. What could you do? I won't give away the rest of the exceptions to the riddle in the video, but imagine that you could bring in $1,000,000 extra a year? How could that increase other aspects of your business? Now don't get scared if you aren't at the million dollar mark! This is all in scale! My favorite example is throwing in a continuity piece because it is recurring revenue! Let me know how you would solve this riddle in the comments below!
What is a Quantum Leap? Some star trek or star wars thing? Maybe, BUT we are talking about skipping those steps in-between and jumping to the TOP! My best example of this was growing our email list from 1.1 million emails to 2.2 million emails. How could you grow your business or an aspect of your business using this principle? What is it going to take?
How does your morning start? Are you rushing the kids off to school? Or putting the pedal to the medal to get to work on time? Or maybe even not getting up in time? I'm sure this is the case for most of you, and if its not, then you are halfway there! In this episode of Unstoppable Core, I want to give you a little insight of how your brain works when you don't allow your brain to wake up before you do! Stay tuned!
I always talk about getting in front of a parade... and now you can do it with your kids!... Imagine if your kid could bring home $1000 in just two hours! That would be crazy, right?! What is even crazier is the lessons you are teaching your kids: Purchasing inventory, investing, and most importantly...Selling! Even if you don't have a kid, go out and try this business plan at a local festival!
Last week we talked about what ice cream has to do with your business... and now we are talking about GUMBALLS! Pretty crazy right? When a guy at our mastermind was telling me how he was making $100k a year from Gum balls I had to know more! His methods are crazy! Listen in!
Creating wins are so important in your business! So many people shoot for their biggest win, whether that is making $1,000,000 or having 5,000 members in your continuity program, but those wins could take forever! I don't know about you but I like to have my birthday every year, I don't want one every 5 years. So apply that to your business, create those small wins that you can go out and have ice cream for!
Let me show you something EVERY entrepreneur does in some point of their business! Heck... I'm guilty of it! And this is why so many people are skeletons among the path of success…
Imagine having ZERO risk when finding a new product? That would be crazy...right?? Well you can through Amazon by arbitraging... Watch as I dive into the tips and tricks, and what I learned along the way!
Of course we aren't actually on a speed boat right now, but think figuratively. Would you rather be a speed boat in your business or a vessel? Just to give you a little glimpse of this week's episode... Businesses change their direction quite often and those decisions have to be made quick and accurately. While a vessel may take 3 miles to do a full 180 degree turn, a speed boat can do it in a matter of seconds. Now go and apply that to your business!
While we may get 10%-15% of the buyers who check out...What about the other 80%-85% of people who abandon the cart? Think about that for one second...what if we were able to save just 5% of revenue just by sending out 3 emails in 24 hours?
In this episode, we are going old-school... Back to when we were just 8-10 years old, and explore how the fundamentals of a lemonade stand can apply to your business and increase your profits! These few simple steps can truly make your transactions smoother and more frequent.
Is one man's Trash another man's Treasure? How can you make a business of someone else junk? There are so many businesses out there doing things you may not even know exist! Here is just one of the many!
What makes your company SAIL? What does the word SAIL have to do with YOUR business? What are the things in your company that are slowing you down? What can you do to move your company forward from where you are today?
What is a 'Free Plus Shipping Offer'? Why is it beneficial? How can creating a 'Free Plus Shipping Offer' increase your business and help you gain more customers?
There are a lot of things going on with your business that can create chaos - maybe your Facebook ads are dropping, maybe your funnel doesn't work, or maybe you are not converting as much. What do you do when things like this happen? What is the ultimate answer when chaos hits your company?
Want to know how to make a huge impact on your customer while also saving money doing so? How do we give back to customers while saving money? Use this simple process to reach more customers while literally saving thousands of dollars a month!
Want to know how to increase clicks to the order form? By offering a gift or coupon to your customers, your conversions will noticeably increase.
So your Sales Funnel is NOT CONVERTING? How do you ensure that your Sales Funnels ARE CONVERTING! Where is your sales funnel broken? By using this simple SOP, you will be able to find out where your sales funnel is stopping so that you can ensure you are getting continued customer traffic!
So You Want to be a Millionaire? Of course you do! How do you get there?? It's possible! By using this simple breakdown, you can make this work for ANY funnel and ANY business! This Unstoppable CORE will show you the strategy on how to get there!
HOW DO YOU NAME YOUR PRODUCTS?? We spend time doing so many things in our business. We train, we teach, we build funnels, we sell items. How do we create the names of our products? We can attempt to figure out creative product names ourselves, but sometimes it is nice to reach out and have a professional company assist with this process. Let me provide information from my personal Rolodex regarding a team of experts that can help you with naming products!!
You can configure your Funnels to allow more traffic to view more pages throughout the Funnel. This will help increase your end views by an additional twenty percent!
THE CAROUSEL EFFECT - The Carousel Effect will provide a powerful impact on your future business! It will allow you to create an effective template that you can use many times that will help you optimize your order form and make more money while using less inventory.
Use some Old Technology to teach New Technology with this FUN HACK e-mail! By using this simple phone hack in accordance with the concept of a "NINE WORD EMAIL" you will be able to get a higher response, huge opens, and increase clicks that work for any industry!
Am I Charging Enough? How do you know what to charge? How do you know when to raise or lower pricing? By using this simple 'Equation 1.2' you will be able to better control units sold while increasing conversions resulting in HIGHER MARGINS, BIGGER PROFITS AND MORE REVENUE!
WHAT TO MEASURE? HOW TO MEASURE? Is that even good? Here is a simple way to know you are on the right track! There are thousands of ways to create click funnel traffic, but no matter how you manage your click funnels, the process of using CLICK TO ORDER will ensure you are increasing conversions and profits!
INCREASE YOUR PROFIT MARGIN by using a Banner Special!! By utilizing a Banner Special, you can easily drive more revenue, maximize your cart value, and increase your overall sales!
WORDS THAT SELL!! Sounds boring but you will be AMAZED at just how changing little words, like taking them in and out and putting them in place can increase or decrease your conversions.
WHAT IS AN ORDER BUMP?!!?! Realistically, you first have an order form and then you go into an upsell form more than likely you are showing people one product such as light bulbs and the you're selling them more lightbulbs, but when you have the possibility of adding an oder bump, it is allowing you to sell more of the same product or a different product on the same order page.
Want to learn how to create your own while board?! On this week's Unstoppable Core I'm going to show you exactly what we do and exactly how we build our white boards so they look clean and classy!!!!
WHAT TO SELL NEXT? How do I add another product or another skew?.....that is the biggest question that I always get. On this week's Unstoppable Core I'm going to answer just that!!
Chatting....doesn't sound very fun but on this week's Unstoppable Core, we'll show you some of the AMAZING things that chatting can bring to the table for you!!!
Are people excited about warranties? Your first thought might be "no"....but warranties happen to be the highest take and largest margin!! Learn how we're doing it on this week's Unstoppable Core!!!
Today you'll learn about a pivotal point in life...this week on Unstoppable core we're talking about REBATES!!
Today you'll learn the exact methods I use to boost profits, using the thank you page.
Online Marketers struggle with the idea of when to ask for the email (opt-in) verses not asking for the opt-in.. which one is better and why!?! That's exactly what we're talking about today on Unstoppable Core.
When clients join the Trey Lewellen Mastermind, the NUMBER ONE training they can't stop raving about is what I like to call Mastering Funneletics..!
With so many funnels out there - I wanted to set the record straight and provide you with my companies Top Three goto High Converting Funnels…
It's A New Year, A New US, and a New YOU! So we thought we would start off right with one particular Goal Setting Tool I use every Quarter to Maximize my performance!
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